Trump fires back at Bolton over forthcoming memoir: 'Made up of lies & fake stories'

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Bolton memoir discusses plot to replace Pence, 'cool' Venezuela invasion, and more
Fox News has obtained former national security adviser John Bolton's upcoming 592-page memoir, "The Room Where It Happened" -- and the manuscript contains several previously unreported claims of intrigue and realpolitik among key administration figures, past and present.

The Wall Street Journal on Wednesday published an excerpt of the book, and The New York Times and The Washington Post authored stories revealing some details. Among the main revelations were that Bolton charged that President Trump regularly gives "personal favors to dictators he liked," backed the idea of more concentration camps in China, and asked Chinese President Xi Jinping to help him in the 2020 election by buying more U.S. agricultural goods.

Trump also apparently was unaware that Britain is a nuclear power and asked whether Finland is part of Russia, according to Bolton -- who further claims that during Trump's 2018 meeting with North Korea's leader, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo handed Bolton a note saying of Trump, “He is so full of sh--." Click here for more on our top story.

'Hannity' Exclusive: Trump bashes 'washed-up' Bolton over forthcoming book, says ex-national security adviser 'broke the law'
President Trump lashed out at John Bolton in an exclusive interview on "Hannity" on Wednesday night, saying his former national security adviser "broke the law" by writing a forthcoming book about his time in the Trump administration.

"He was a washed-up guy," Trump told host Sean Hannity. "He couldn't get Senate-confirmed, so I gave him a non-Senate-confirmed position. I could just put him there, see how we worked. And I wasn't very enamored."

After the "Hannity" interview, the president posted a couple of comments on Twitter about Bolton.

"Wacko John Bolton's 'exceedingly tedious' (New York Times) book is made up of lies & fake stories," Trump wrote. "Said all good about me, in print, until the day I fired him. A disgruntled boring fool who only wanted to go to war. Never had a clue, was ostracized & happily dumped. What a dope!"

Trump also retweeted a comment about Bolton that was posted by author Dinesh D'Souza. The president added: "President Bush fired him also! Bolton is incompetent!" Click here for more.

Other related developments:
- DOJ tries to block Bolton book by seeking injunction, temporary restraining order
- MSNBC's Chris Hayes blasts Bolton over book
- Bolton says Putin 'thinks' he can play Trump 'like a fiddle'

Atlanta police call out of work at ‘higher than usual’ rate after 2 officers charged in Rayshard Brooks death
Atlanta police acknowledged that a “higher than usual” number of officers called out of work after prosecutors Wednesday announced charges in the police-involved death of Rayshard Brooks but disputed claims that a large number walked off the job.

The Atlanta Police Department also insisted that despite the callouts, it still had enough resources to maintain operations and respond to calls.

Fulton County District Attorney Paul Howard Jr. on Wednesday announced 11 charges against fired former Officer Garrett Rolfe, including felony murder, and three charges against Officer Devin Brosnan, who has been reassigned. Rolfe could face the death penalty if convicted of felony murder.

Jason Segura, president of the International Brotherhood of Police Officers Local 623, said officers were concerned over a lack of due process since Rolfe was fired immediately after the shooting instead of being suspended, pending an investigation.

Segura also accused the district attorney of having political motives for rushing the case. Click here for more

Other related developments:
- Attorney for fired Atlanta officer accused of murder says Rayshard Brooks 'was not running away' when he died
- Jesse Watters accuses Atlanta DA of 'political overcharge' in Brooks case
- Black Georgia sheriff says Brooks shooting was 'completely justified'
- Seattle man living in CHOP sounds alarms over safety: 'We're sitting ducks in here'

Trump tells 'Hannity' coronavirus is 'fading away' ahead of controversial Tulsa rally
President Trump said the coronavirus is "fading away" in an exclusive interview with "Hannity" on Wednesday as states continued to reopen and the president prepared for his first reelection campaign rally in months.

"We are starting up and it's going to be very, very strong ... " Trump told host Sean Hannity at the tail end of a discussion of the economy. "We're very close to a vaccine and we're very close to therapeutics, really good therapeutics. But even without that, I don't like to talk about that because it's fading away. It's going to fade away, but having a vaccine would be really nice and that's going to happen."

Trump's comments came three days ahead of Saturday’s planned campaign rally in Tulsa. Oklahoma was one of six states to report record increases in the number of coronavirus cases Tuesday, along with Arizona, Florida, Nevada, Oregon and Texas. Click here for more.

Other related developments:
- Oregon coronavirus rule calls for face masks in 7 counties beginning next week
- Colorado woman tests positive for coronavirus for 2nd time
- Certain blood type may limit risk from COVID-19, other may hurt, study suggests


Black Lives Matter network establishes $12M grant fund
Deputies kill half-brother of black man found hanged in park.
Bob Woodward publishing 2nd book on Trump before election.
'That '70s Show' actor Danny Masterson charged with raping 3 women, district attorney says
Al Qaeda leader taken out by 'secret' US missile filled with knives dubbed the 'ninja bomb.'
US Navy sailors' Bahrain sex-trafficking scandal exposed in new report.

US weekly jobless claims remain high, second wave of layoffs blamed.
Truckers’ required insurance coverage could increase to $2M.
Court strikes down Trump rule that drugmakers disclose price.

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