Bob Woodward publishing 2nd book on Trump before election

As President Trump continues to fight off reported excerpts from former national security adviser John Bolton’s upcoming book and news of his niece Mary L. Trump’s supposed tell-all, Washington Post reporter Bob Woodward is set to publish a follow-up to his first book on the Trump administration.

Woodward’s untitled work is scheduled to be released on Sept. 15, less than two months before the presidential election.

His first book on the president, “Fear: Trump in the White House,” was published in 2018 without an interview with Trump, but the president told Laura Ingraham in January he had been interviewed by Woodward who he called a “very, very good writer, reporter” for his new book.

“[Woodward] said he's doing something and this time I said, 'maybe I'll sit down,’” Trump said on the Ingraham Angle on Jan. 10.


"[Woodward] said you know you don't look like somebody who's under impeachment, as you know he's slightly covered Nixon and he covered Clinton," Trump said about his interview with Woodward. "But Bob Woodward, he said, you actually look like you've won everything, you look happy. I said, I am happy. So maybe I'm wired a little bit different."

After Woodward published “Fear,” Trump initially called him “discredited,” a “liar” and a “Dem operative.” He also accused the Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter of faking quotes in the book, Axios reported.

Publisher Simon & Schuster descibe the untitled work as "Bob Woodward’s second work of nonfiction on the Trump presidency" on its website. The book is currently listed at 400 pages.

Trump’s presidency has been a popular book subject in recent years among both reporters and people who have known or worked with the president. The publications range from critical to glowing.

Woodward first rose to fame as an inexperienced Washington Post reporter assigned to the Watergate story. His reporting helped expose President Nixon’s involvement in the re-election scandal that led to his resignation in 1974.

Starting with Woodward and fellow Watergate investigate reporter Carl Bernstein's “All the President’s Men” about Wateragte in 1974, Woodward has written 18 bestsellers, including on the last three presidents, according to The Hill. 

While “Fear” was critical of Trump’s leadership, it’s unclear what tone his latest work will strike or how Woodward’s interviews with Trump might affect its direction.

Trump is suing John Bolton for breach of contract over the forthcoming publication of his book “The Room Where it Happened” in which he made several bombshell claims, including that Trump asked Chinese President Xi Jinping to help him win re-election.

In an interview with Sean Hannity Wednesday, Trump claimed Bolton “broke the law” in publishing his book because it’s is full of “highly classified” information and said he hired Bolton out of pity because he was “washed-up.”


On Twitter Wednesday, the president called Bolton a “wacko” whose book is full of "lies & fake stories.”