Arthur Chu takes on 'Jeopardy!' again: Did he win?

Controversial “Jeopardy!” champ Arthur Chu returned to the game show last night, dominating the trivia board once again to take home his fifth straight win.

In the pre-taped episode, Chu used his signature style to take home the top prize. On Monday night’s episode, the strategic player took home more than $20,000, bringing his total winnings up to a staggering $123,600.

Chu, who has been criticized for using game theory to win “Jeopardy!,” appeared without his glasses, and he took to Twitter to explain the new look.

“Before anyone asks, I did not get an image consultant who told me to ditch the glasses -- I literally broke them in the airport,” he tweeted. “And yes I was incredibly worried going into this game that the contacts would mess me up.”

But even without his specs, Chu did just fine for himself. He live-tweeted as his episode aired, answering viewer questions along the way.

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Chu will appear once again on Tuesday’s episode “Jeopardy!”