'Jeopardy!' contestant changes the game, fans complain

A talented “Jeopardy!” contestant has found a new strategy for winning the game, but his unique playing style has die-hard fans of the quiz show up in arms.

Arthur Chu is a three-time "Jeopardy!" champ who has won the competition using game theory. Instead of going for the easy questions first, he plays by jumping around the board in search of the coveted Daily Doubles. He also works to keep points away from his opponents.

“I don’t think I’m particularly smart,” Chu told The New York Post. “It was all about looking for the right strategy for studying and the right strategy for playing the game and drilling myself on it until it became second nature.”

But Twitter users have been quick to complain about Chu's strategies.

"Arthur Chu needs to stop. He's ruining Jeopardy," one fan wrote.

Another added, “Who is this dude that ruins the organization of the #Jeopardy board by hunting down the Daily Doubles? You give me a headache.”

But that kind of criticism doesn't bother Chu. He told The Post he plans to keep playing his version of the game, even if it angers some audience members.

“All of the things I’m doing are very obvious, logical ways to maximize your chances of winning that are well within the rules,” he said. “It’s hard for me to take seriously the argument that I should give up that kind of money just for the sake of making the viewing audience feel comfortable."

And some "Jeopardy!" viewers are seem to agree with him. They're praising Chu for shaking up the normally predictable game.

"Are people really upset about this guy's strategy? I think it makes sense and I'm surprised he's the 1st one to do it," one user noted.  Another wrote, "Arthur Chu has been killing it on Jeopardy. Making it so much better. #Chu."

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