Sheriffs Will Protect Lindsay Lohan From Prison Attacks While She Plans to Do 'Art'

Despite reports that Lindsay Lohan will be the target of lesbian prison gangs at the female-only Lynwood Correctional facility during her expected stay there for violating the terms of her DUI probation, experts familiar with the facility say the actress' safety will be of paramount concern for authorities.

“There is a prison mentality where inmates earn some stature if they assault somebody famous, [and] somebody would take a lot of pride in saying they beat up Lindsay Lohan,” explained Santa Monica based Criminal Defense Attorney, Steve Cron. “But in a high profile case like hers, the sheriffs will be taking extra precautions and will bend over backwards security-wise. They won’t tolerate it if a guard is negligent or turns a blind eye to Lindsay getting harmed. Paris [Hilton] made it, and while jail is a degrading place, Lindsay will too.”

Another source close to the L.A County Sheriff’s department agreed that officials certainly would not want to attract any negative press, thus necessary precautions have been put into place to ensure she is physically safe from other inmates.

However, Andrea Neiers, the mother of inmate and E!’s “Gone Wild” starlet Alexis Neiers (who is serving a six month sentence at Lynwood as a result of being implicated for breaking into Orlando Bloom’s home) recently tweeted in distress that the water in the facility was making her daughter ill, and that she wasn’t receiving items ordered from the commissary. Nonetheless, Neiers’s attorney Jeffrey Rubenstein told us that in actuality the reality starlet is coping well.

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“She is fine. Andrea is not a reliable source; it's not accurate because she is so emotional. I visit Alexis and she is fine and being treated well. It is jail and it's not supposed to be pleasant,” Rubenstein said. “She is in good spirits but she doesn't eat Spam and mayonnaise, so she's eating apples and ramen soup. So her caloric intake is down because the food is not good.”

Rubenstein predicts that Lohan too will encounter similar, perhaps even slightly special treatment, while behind bars.

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“The first 24-48 hours is the worst. But if something bad happens in LA county jail, it makes the papers. This is a relatively safe, well-run place. The jail wants to make sure there are no problems because it doesn't reflect well on them. They're looking out for the girls' safety and if they're safe, the sheriffs are happy as well,” Rubenstein continued. “I think Lindsay will be treated well. Alexis has her own cell so she is probably being treated as well, and maybe better, than other inmates. In that world, having your own cell is quite a privilege. She is getting special attention because of her status, so they keep everyone away from her.”

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And given LiLo’s passion for perennial partying, perhaps she won’t be too perturbed by the sleepless nights.

“You're woken up a lot, they check your arm bracelet at midnight and then all the cell doors open at 3 o'clock, and they wake them up really early, and there is always bright light, so it's hard to have a good night's sleep,” Rubenstein added.

But despite feeling a little “nervous”, a source close to Lohan told Tarts that the actress didn’t spend her last “free” weekend before the big surrender dwelling – she instead spent it with her friends and her sister Ali playing video games.

“Lindsay just wanted to do something to take her mind off everything, so that’s pretty much all she did,” said our insider. “She is doing pretty well; she is planning to do lots of art and drawing to pass the time in jail.”

Much to the dismay of her pals, we’re also told that Lohan spent time this weekend with her former flame, Samantha Ronson.

“She has a really dark energy and Lindsay is all different when Sam is around,” explained the source.

- Deidre Behar contributed to this report.