Kelly Obsourne posts pic getting vitamin IVs

Kelly Obsourne has become the latest celebrity to hook up to a vitamin IV and share a snapshot with fans.

Ozzy’s daughter posted a smiling picture on Instagram of the IV process, calling it "so Hollywood."

“What can I say I have to stay healthy and this really does work I can't afford to get sick right now! #GIrlOnTheGo,” she wrote.

Last week, Ryan Phillippe raised eyebrows when he was snapped with his younger girlfriend hooked up to a drip in Miami. A source told FOX411 the pair stopped by VitaSquad, a mobile IV nutrition service, to “get a quick boost.”

“Medical Cocktail” IVs have become popular recently among reality stars and some celebrities. Last October, Bravo aired scenes of cast members from “The Real Housewives of Miami” getting IV treatments ahead of Adriana de Moura’s wedding. Some stars, like Rihanna, have tweeted photos hooked up to IV bags to combat hangovers.

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Stars say usually opt for the controversial treatment-- which is generally reserved for people who lack certain nutrients-- because they believe it’s preferable to have their vitamins infused directly into their blood streams.