Today Calls Matt Lauer Allegations "Completely Inaccurate and Unfounded"

NBC's Today show has assailed allegations of infidelity about Matt Lauer, calling them "completely inaccurate and unfounded."

Matt Lauer, wife deny split

"These accusations are reckless and harmful to the Lauer family," the morning show's brief statement said. "Equally reckless, irresponsible and inaccurate are the accusations about his Today show colleagues. Matt and his wife have spoken out on this on the record and will not be discussing it further."

A National Enquirer cover story last week reported that Lauer, 52, moved out of the family's New York City apartment two months ago after Annette accused him of cheating on her while he was covering the Winter Olympics in Vancouver. The report also said that Lauer partied almost every night during the games, delayed his return home to continue partying and missed Valentine's Day with his wife.

The Today co-host has since spoken out, calling the accusations a "work of fiction" and adding that he is still living at home with his wife and kids and has no plans to move out.

Check out photos of Matt Lauer

"Have we had a completely perfect, easy marriage? No. But the stories you've read over the years are not true," Lauer told People. "I don't think we're any different than any married couple that's been together for 12 years. The accusations [of infidelity] are ridiculous and I'm not going to [dignify] them with an answer. It's not true."

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