Sofia Vergara celebrates 44th birthday with a lemon-themed dinner party

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It’s all about the lemon at Sofia Vergara’s birthday party.

The “Modern Family” actress celebrated her 44th birthday in Los Angeles on Sunday with a dinner party with family and friends, her own Snapchat filter and a whole lot of lemons.

The citrus fruit was the theme of the party – there was a limoncello bar, lemon-flavored vodka, lemon table decorations and a lemon-covered Snapchat filter – and even her son Manolo Gonzalez wore a bright yellow costume that the birthday girl also tried on, complete with a yellow hat.

“Happy Birthday, Mom,” Manolo told the camera while Vergara’s husband of eight months, Joe Manganiello gave a thumbs up in the back. “I can’t believe you’re turning –” before Vergara stops him from revealing her age.

“18. She's turning 18. #HappyVerde," he captioned the video.

The birthday girl was also very active on her Snapchat – giving fans the inside view of her lemon-themed party.

In one snap of a table full of lemon-themed decorations, Vergara said: “Beyonce would be so proud.” She also snapped about blowing out the candles, before cluing into the fact that it’s a trick candle when it lights up a second time.

While not donning a yellow getup, Vergara looked stunning in a two-piece black lase ensemble.

According to reports, Sunday night’s party was not the only celebration for Vergara’s big day. The Colombian actress also had a romantic dinner with Manganiello at Maradentro in Studio City, California on Saturday.

He posted a sweet photo from their wedding on Instagram.

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