Octomom Ready To Go on Welfare, Report Says

Choices have consequences.

That's what Nadya "Octomom" Suleman is finding out -- the hard way.

After gaining notoriety for going full-term with eight children, to add to the six children she already had, the unmarried Suleman is now almost completely broke, and ready to go on welfare, RadarOnline.com reports.

"She's going on welfare and it's going to be very soon," an insider told the web site. "There's just no choice. She's running out of money and those kids need to eat."

The money Octomom made selling access to her life is almost all gone, and reality TV and book deals have not panned out, the web site says.

Behind on house payments and without any real source of income, sources tell Radaronline.com that Suleman's only choice is to go on the dole.

"She needs the money. She has no choice at this point," the source said. "And she's been on public assistance before."

Suleman, 35, lives in a house that her father bought her, but she has fallen behind on payments, the site reports.

Suleman gained international fame after giving birth to her octuplets on January 29, 2009.