Miss Kay opens up about her sex life

Miss Kay and Phil Robertson may have been wed for over half a century but that doesn’t mean they still don’t enjoy some “honeymoon” nights, maybe not as frequently as in the past.

The “Duck Dynasty” matriarch told Rob Shuter of VH-1’s “The Gossip Table” that they still discuss their sex life openly which she admits is “really strange.”

She recounted that Phil gave a talk in church detailing how the pair still love each other but as time passes, “you don’t do things as often as you did.” And in true Phil fashion he told the audience that he often asks his wife if she’s in the mood for a “honeymoon” night or “do you want to pop some popcorn, get a Coke and watch a good movie?” Often the answer is popcorn. In fact one parishioner gifted Phil with a big box of popcorn.

Miss Kay who has a children’s ABC book out called, “D is for Duck Calls” also sees church as the answer for people’s problems.

“Here’s what people used to say, ‘I’ll get my life straightened out and then I’ll come back to church.’ But you come back there it’s like a hospital and Jesus is the physician. He straightens out your life and then you get help.”