He might be famous for singing “Baby,” but Justin Bieber is facing some serious adult-level charges.

With “bloodshot eyes” and a stupor “look on his face,” the pop prince was arrested by cops in Miami on Thursday, under suspicion of a DUI cocktail of alcohol, marijuana and prescription drugs. Following an F-bomb laced rant, Bieber was also taken in and busted for resisting arrest without violence and driving on an expired license, all while he was allegedly drag racing.

What a rebel.

However, the Biebs might not be the only entity is in big trouble over the incident. The 19-year-old was spotted leaving Miami Beach’s SET nightclub in his yellow Lamborghini shortly before the arrest, departing with model Chantel Jefferies and an extended entourage. So was it the club who served the young star booze?

Reports are running rampant that the Canadian crooner was with his dad prior to the bust Wednesday night, with some suggestions he may have supplied the adult beverages. TMZ reports that Jeremy Bieber, 38, even helped block off a road for his son to drag race and that young Bieber gets his prescription pills from his mom – also a crime.

But so far, everyone in Bieber’s little circle is staying tight-lipped when it comes to specifics.

One insider said that Bieber appeared to be consuming only Red Bull, hence no one thought to question his getting behind the wheel.

“It is unlawful for any person [bar or club] to sell, give, serve or permit to be served alcoholic beverages to a person under 21 years of age or to permit a person under 21 years of age to consume such beverages on their licensed premises,” Florida-based attorney Raymond Rafool told FOX411. “A person or club who violates the underage drinking law commits misdemeanor of the second degree.”

And although a person charged with an underage alcohol sale or service violation has complete defense if they falsely evidenced that they were 21 or over, for someone with the star status of Justin Bieber, such a defense would likely not be successful.

We’re also told it is particularly common for clubs to allow famous people in even before they reach legal age.

“It’s because of the notoriety, attention and fame that they bring to the club. It’s also common for clubs to notify the media and paparazzi about stars who will be at their club. It’s also common for clubs to even pay underage stars to be at their club,” noted lawyer Leo Terrell, of CleartheCourt.com. “If the club had knowledge that Justin Bieber was underage and they served him alcohol, they can lose their liquor license.”

And even if a member of the pop star’s posse was the one to make the alcohol purchase, the same rules apply – and in addition, that person can be subject to criminal and civil liability for foreseeable damages caused by a minor. Same deal goes in the less likely case that Bieber consumed substances in a private residence or hotel room.

According to Terrell, the who and where of Bieber’s drug and alcohol dealings is an issue that won’t be taken lightly by authorities.

“A crime has occurred and an investigation will commence. The cops will look for all reasons to prosecute those responsible for giving the minor alcohol and drugs,” Terrell continued. “When stars are involved, the cop have a greater incentive to conduct a more thorough investigation because of the greater exposure created by the stars. In this case, Bieber will lawyer up and the cops will probably be unable to get much information out of him.”

SET nightclub did not respond to a request for comment.

A source connected to the Bieber camp also told us that the alleged DUI and his subsequent bad behavior doesn’t come as any great surprise and rehab could be the next step – if only to save face in the court’s eyes.

“As tragic as this may all sound to Justin’s fans and their parents, who might worry their children could follow his influence, none of this is unexpected behavior for a person abusing substances,” added Richard Taite, CEO of rehab facility Cliffside Malibu. “Unfortunately, it seems that his entourage either enables or encourages this behavior. Until Mr. Bieber separates from those who do not have his best interests at heart, we can expect these kinds of events to continue.”

Reps for Bieber and Bieber’s mother, Pattie Mallette, declined to comment.

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