'Good Samaritans' Reveals Hidden Camera Heroes

There's a new show that encapsulates one of the biggest themes of the holiday season -- helping people who are in need.

The show is called "Good Samaritans," and it asks the question: Will people take time out of their busy days to help perfect strangers?

"It's a hidden camera show where I put people in circumstances to see if they'll actually do nice things for other people," the show's host and creator Amy Weber told FOX411.com.

Miller shared her favorite set-up on the show to date.

"A woman who was pretending to be at her third and final interview gets off the bus in her tennis shoes and realizes she's forgotten her dress shoes," Weber said. "So she's asking people if they will give their shoes to her so she can go up and meet the boss. And that's a lot to ask."

"I really wanted to go out there and prove there are still people out there who will take time out of their day to help another person," Weber said. "Sometimes we're just so busy with our own lives we forget that there are other people around us, and we all need to help each other."

Weber said her crew tells her that since they started to work on the show, they find themselves stopping and helping people more than they used to.

"If we all just took the time to do these little things, what a better world we would live in," Weber said.

Merry Christmas.

“Good Samaritans” is syndicated in the U.S. Check your local listings for network and time.