Golden Globes: Sofia Vergara Stuns in Strapless Gown

Despite losing the Golden Globe to Jessica Lang for “Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy” Sofía Vergara was still the talk of the night.

From the moment she arrived on the red carpet, jaws were hanging and twitter went wild with comments about her stunning midnight blue strapless gown.

“I’m wearing Vera Wang and Harry Winston jewelry,” a smiling Vergara told NBC’s Carson Daily on the red carpet. “I feel like five million bucks.”

But it was the undergarment that she did not wear to the Golden Globes that made headlines on social media websites.

“I’m not wearing anything,” Vergara told ABC News backstage. “For what, I don’t need it.”

This isn’t the first time Vergara has left everyone speechless. She also dazzled last year as she took the Emmy Awards by storm in a Vera Wang fire-red gown certainly aimed to drop jaws.

The “Modern Family” actress praised her native Colombia for the whopping earrings and accessories she sported along with her figure flattering ensemble.

"Everything that comes from Colombia is huge," Entertainment outlet Zap 2 It quoted the star saying on the red carpet prior to the telecast.

Sofia Works Hard to Look Good

Vergara also had the undivided attention of the audience when she and her “Modern Family” won the Golden Globe for “Best TV Series" (Comedy or Musical) presented to them by Puss in Boots stars Antonio Banderas and Salma Hayek.

Besides looking like 'five million bucks' Vergara also stole the show during Modern Family's acceptance speech in which she decided to jokingly give her thanks in Spanish on behalf of the cast.

“Thank you Antonio, Thank you Salma,” Vergara said. “Because this is an international prize we will be receiving it in two languages,” said Vergara with an exaggerated Colombian accent.

“On behalf of Modern Family we thank the Foreign Press for this great honor,” she continued in Spanish as the crowd laughed.

Like Vergara, Banderas and Hayek had all eyes on them for their elegant ensembles.

“Salma Hayek and Antonio Banderas are extremely gorgeous specimens,” said Golden Globe host Ricky Gervais as he introduced the actors.

He then poked fun at Banderas for not understanding him when he talks in Spanish.

Banderas then took the podium and began jokingly ranting at Gervais in Spanish.

The night carried on as re-runs of Vergara’s newly debuted Pepsi commercial aired in between takes followed by commercials from Jennifer Lopez and Eva Longoria.

I Want to Be Eva Longoria

A thirsty Vergara is seen at a chic nightclub chasing a cold Pepsi held by a waiter on a platter, but she is interrupted as multiple men take her on the dance floor.

“It’s a lot of fun,” Vergara told Bader TV during the shooting. “A lot of dancing!”

After the commercial, Vergara got busy on the dance floor dancing Salsa with the crew. 

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