A former "Apprentice" star has been left almost blind with shattered cheekbones after being punched in the face for her phone in a brutal mugging.

Elle Stevenson, 25, who appeared in Season 11 of the U.K. version of the show, was attacked by the fiend after a night out with a pal in central London.

The 25-year-old lost her cell phone and was left covered in blood after the savage robbery on December 16 at Charing Cross station.

She also needed plastic surgery for her broken cheekbones and is being monitored hourly by medics in the hospital because of the head injury she suffered.

Stevenson said she was left almost blind after she was robbed.

Stevenson said she was left almost blind after she was robbed. (INS News Agency)

But she claims police will not be following up on the mugging because they don't have the resources to trawl through CCTV that may have captured the thief on camera.

Elle, from Windsor, Berks, said: "It is horrific. If these men can beat a woman like this - innocent girls on a night out - and get away with it.

"They battered me. One man went behind me and pushed me and the next thing I knew my face went forward and was met with two punches. I was smacked squarely in the face.

"My memory has been affected and I am getting confused which has left me feeling really vulnerable. My dad is having to drive me everywhere and I feel like a 12-year-old."

Elle is now waiting to discover where the damage she suffered to her sight will be permanent and is waiting for further tests.

The TV star, who was on the show fronted by Lord Sugar in 2015, has also slammed cops for not looking through the footage she pointed out to them.

This image shows Stevenson's injuries.

This image shows Stevenson's injuries. (INS News Agency)

She fumed: "I feel very let down by the police. I work really hard, pay my taxes and for my whole family its just work work work."

Cops have insisted they will look through the footage if they are given an exact time the mugging took place.

A spokesman for the Metropolitan Police said: "The CCTV cameras in McDonald's did not cover the area where the offenses took place.

“Since the two women were unable to provide a time at which they entered McDonald's – and they stated that they would not be able to identify the suspects if they saw them again – officers spoke with the victim and explained that there was insufficient likelihood of suspects being identified to warrant analysis of around 90 minutes of CCTV footage from McDonald's.

“Any new information - including further details from the victim as to the time that she was in McDonald's - will be investigated.”

This article originally appeared in The Sun.