Did Sadie Robertson accidentally admit 'Duck Dynasty' is scripted?

In a "Dancing With the Stars" web exclusive interview with "Duck Dynasty's" Sadie Robertson, the 17-year-old reveals the scariest part of the competition show is performing live.

"That freaks me out because I'm on 'Duck Dynasty,' it's like recorded way, like 3 months before it shows," Robertson said of performing live versus her family's prerecorded reality show.

She then went on to admit that they often have multiple takes on "Duck Dynasty" if someone slips up or doesn't like the way the shot comes out.

"We get to record it like 10 different times if we mess up," she said in the YouTube video alongside her "DWTS" competitor Bethany Mota. "This is like, you get one shot. If you mess up, 15 million people see it."

Perhaps the scripted-feel of the show can explain the show's ratings decline.

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Viewership dropped from 8.5 million viewers for the fifth season’s premiere to 4.3 million viewers for the sixth season’s opener, but Willie and Korie Robertson told FOX411 in August that it's all part of the "natural cycle" of television shows.

"If you traveled around with us and saw the vigorousness of the fans' support you'll see that it certainly hasn't lost momentum," Willie explained.