Carlos Santana Talks Elections, Music & Shoe Line

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Music legend and Rock ‘N’ Roll hall of fame guitarist Carlos Santana is adding to his already impressive resume.

The Mexican-American icon is singing a new tune, but now, in the fashion industry. His new line "Carlos" is a collection of women's shoes and handbags inspired by his most important attribute.

"It all has to do with trust. Trust of energy, trust in hope, trust in faith… those are intangibles," Santana tells Fox News Latino.

“I feel really grateful that a lot of sisters and brothers align their emotional investments with us… It all has to do with energy and trusting how to honor symmetry," he says. "There’s a certain symmetry that females love -- there's a certain symmetry that I see when I hear music, even with my eyes closed. Everything has to do with allowing this flow to flow, and not getting away with your own self."

And with passion in the front seat of Santana’s smooth ride, he keeps the melody of his music in mind with his innovative designs.

"You have people who want to call their shoes Maria, Maria, Smooth or Spanish Harlem Monalisa,” said Santana.

“I’m very grateful that many females around the world identify with the name. It's about creating the energy that people trust in you."

Besides his new shoe line, Santana has also been preoccupied with the upcoming election.

Like in 2008, Santana said his vote will go to President Barack Obama.

"I trust that President Barack Obama needs to be more, not only for himself but for the nation, truthful with his word," Santana explains.

"I feel the main things he needs to complete in the next four years; totally stop the war no matter what, invest less money in the pentagon, more money in education than incarceration and legalize marijuana."

"Legalize marijuana so all the money goes to three things only schools, teachers and students, because people are going to smoke that stuff anyway," he added.

“What’s right for my heart is to make a better world for humans where we invest more in education that incarceration, right on – right on.”

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