FOX NEWS FIRST: Trump calls out Dems for 'obstruction' on border-wall funding

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Developing now, Friday, Dec. 28, 2018

  • Trump blasts Democratic ‘obstruction’ of border wall, as shutdown lingers
  • Sarah Sanders, viewers slam CNN for trashing Trump’s visit to troops, criticizing soldiers for bringing MAGA hats
  • Disinformation campaign against GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore may have violated laws, Alabama AG says


THE LEAD STORY – TRUMP CALLS OUT DEMOCRATS FOR ‘OBSTRUCTION’ ON BORDER-WALL FUNDING: President Trump continued making his case Thursday for funding a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border, saying the project is “desperately needed” for the U.S. to combat drugs, crime and other ills.

"The Democrats OBSTRUCTION of the desperately needed Wall, where they almost all recently agreed it should be built, is exceeded only by their OBSTRUCTION of 350 great people wanting & expecting to come into Government after being delayed for more than two years, a U.S. record!" he tweeted, referring to the alleged slowness of Senate confirmation for appointments.

The president also suggested it was in the Democrats’ self-interest to end the partial government shutdown, which started nearly a week ago and threatens to force many federal employees to go without paychecks for an uncertain period.

“Do the Dems realize that most of the people not getting paid are Democrats?” Trump asked. – Reported by Adam Shaw

SARAH SANDERS FIRES BACK AFTER CNN REPORT TRASHES TRUMP’S VISIT TO TROOPS IN IRAQ: There was barely a kind word toward the president regarding his trip overseas this week — at least on CNN. Politics reporter Eli Watkins, in a report headlined, “Troops bringing Trump hats to sign may violate military rule,” drew the ire of White House press secretary Sarah Sanders, who wrote on Twitter that the network “will attack anyone who supports President Trump, including the brave men and women of our military who fight everyday to protect our freedom.”

Then CNN anchor Jim Sciutto blasted Trump for his “routine lying,” while CNN military analyst Mark Hertling criticized Trump for getting “political” during his visit. Former Obama State Department spokesman John Kirby even dinged the president for not visiting with Iraqi security forces, who are also part of the fight against ISIS.

CNN Politics’ verified Twitter account was ratioed when Watkins’ story was sent out, which is typically a sign that the majority of readers don’t agree. As of Thursday morning, the tweet received over 3,300 comments and only 826 likes. – Reported by Brian Flood and Joseph A. Wulfsohn

DISINFORMATION CAMPAIGN AGAINST ROY MOORE ‘CONCERNING,’ ALABAMA STATE ATTORNEY GENERAL SAYS: Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall stopped short of calling it an actual investigation Thursday, but told the Washington Post that his office was looking into disinformation tactics waged against Republican Roy Moore during last year’s Alabama Senate special election amid concerns that they may have run afoul of campaign finance laws.

“The impact it had on the election is something that’s significant for us to explore, and we’ll go from there,” Marshall said. “We’re planning to explore the issue further.”

Democratic operatives are said to have created thousands of fake Russian accounts on Twitter that began following Moore, prompting attention from local and national media that falsely suggested Russia was backing Moore’s candidacy. - Reported by Greg Norman


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2017: Officials in Alabama certify Democrat Doug Jones as the winner of a special U.S. Senate election over Republican Roy Moore, who charged that the election was "fraudulent.”

2008: The Detroit Lions complete an awful 0-16 season — the NFL's worst ever — with a 31-21 loss to the Green Bay Packers.

1981: Elizabeth Jordan Carr, the first American "test-tube" baby, is born in Norfolk, Va.

1972: Kim Il Sung, the premier of North Korea, was named the country's president under a new constitution.

1945: Congress officially recognizes the Pledge of Allegiance.

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