'You The Jury' lets America make the decisions

FOX's new legal show, “You The Jury” is bringing the heat of the courtroom to people across America. The crime reality show is hosted by Fox News’ Jeanine Pirro, a judge, former DA and prosecutor. She sat down with Fox News and dished on what viewers can expect from the new show.

Fox News: Tell me about ‘You the Jury’…
Pirro: ’You The Jury’ is very unique because America, for the first time, can actually decide the verdict in some of the most-compelling, ripped-from-the-headline stories that are water cooler discussions every day at work. It gives the viewer the opportunity to not only see the best of the best in terms of attorneys arguing each side but they kind of go on a rollerocaster…they continue to kind of change their opinions as they go through this very unique trial or case and they get to decide what the verdict is at the end. And what is really unusual about ‘You the Jury’ is that you don’t have two lawyers battling it out at the end you have two litigants. You see the pain, the compassion, the hurt, the anger…all of these human emotions that are at the basis of all of these cases we hear about.

Fox News: What would make someone want to come on the show if they could be found guilty on such a public platform?
Pirro: People go on television shows for a variety of reasons. Some people think they are going to be discovered, some are angry enough they want to put the other person through it, some think they will be vindicated, [some think] they will make money or they will get their pound of flesh. The good news about this show is about America having watched all of the drama, the emotion, the whirlwind of emotions as the case goes through the trial and saying your’re right you’re wrong.

Fox News: Tell me about the attorneys on the show.
Pirro: The attorneys on the show are some of the most experienced, talented lawyers I have ever seen. I was mesmerized by them. I spent 30 years in a courtroom as a prosecutor, DA and judge. I was fascinated that these lawyers can take any argument and make it so powerful that you are with them right to the end till the next guy gets up. They are chosen because they are skillful, they know their way around a courtroom and they will keep your attention to the end of the case when you decide.

"You The Jury" premieres on FOX on Friday at 9 p.m. ET.