Would you let your son date Miley Cyrus?

Miley Cyrus' Miami antics have gotten the evil eye from her boyfriend's mom, who just happens to be a Kennedy.

Maria Shriver reportedly canceled her plans to check out the big Art Basel art festival with her son, Patrick Schwarzenegger, when she heard about what her son was already up to there with Cyrus.

“Maria was going to go to Art Basel to spend some time with Anthony, but when she heard Miley was going to be there with Patrick, she canceled," a source told Page Six.

Cyrus and Schwarzenegger have been spotted at wild parties and strip clubs in Miami almost every night. A source told FOX411 that Cyrus was also spotted making out with Paris Hilton, and Schwarzenegger was spotted watching them.

PHOTO: Miley looking worse for wear

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    “The three left [together], helping each other out,” our source said.

    Oh, and she performed on stage wearing silver pasties while smoking a joint a few nights ago.

    Perhaps that's why Shriver shared this tweet with her 2.3 million followers.

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