Would Wyclef Jean's Presidential Run Make Him Most Annoying Celeb Activist Ever?

Ever since celebrity activists John Lennon and Yoko Ono slid under the sheets and called the press for the Bed in for Peace, celebrities have been using the glare of the spotlight to illuminate a cause.

After all, who else but the rich and famous can better spread the word to their adoring fans about their latest altruistic agenda?

Some seem to come from a pure place in leading the charge. Michael J. Fox, who himself has been diagnosed with Parkinsons, is the champion for advancements in stem cell research on Capitol Hill. While political activists like Jane Fonda have been vilified for maybe not conveying their celebrity activist message in the best way possible. (IE: Hanging out with an enemy killing American soldiers, in front of cameras.)

Enter Wyclef Jean.

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The Haitian born hip-hop star and producer has been working on behalf of the Haitian people for a long time. After Hurricane Jeanne hit the country in 2004 he established the often-controversial Yele Haiti Scholarship.

But when a devastating earthquake ravaged his homeland earlier this year, he really kicked into gear for Haiti. Now comes word that Jean might even make a run for president of the country and rule the nation for five years.

Would that officially make him the biggest celebrity activist of all time?

Or just the most annoying?