Mayim Bialik: I'll be spending upcoming holiday with my ex

Mayim Bialik split from her husband in November 2012, but the two have remained close despite their divorce. So close, in fact, that the “Big Bang Theory” actress revealed she plans to spend the upcoming Jewish holiday of Passover with her ex.

“As a divorced mama, I am grateful to my wonderful ex and our wonderful way we co-parent,” she wrote in her blog on Kveller, a Jewish parenting site.

Bialik has two sons with ex-husband Michael Stone.

“We will be at [Stone’s] house this year since my kitchen has been demolished for a remodel,” she wrote of the holiday. “This is frustrating because I love cooking and preparing, and I will have to limit that to whatever cooking and preparing I do at the ex’s.”

The observant actress added, “Silver lining: there’s barely anything to kasher [make kosher for Passover] because I have no kitchen! The ex gets to do all of the kashering at his house!”

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Bialik writes a blog for Kveller and discusses topics like her modest outfits for awards shows, her thoughts on the Israeli elections and the controversy surrounding claims of anti-Semitism at UCLA.