Was Gloria Trevi’s Husband Kidnapped?

News and entertainment sites in Mexico have published unconfirmed reports that Gloria Trevi’s husband Armando Gómez has been kidnapped in Monterrey.

The rumor, spreading like wildfire on Twitter, was first posted by Mexican columnist and TV host Alex Kaffie (TV Guau, “Todo para la mujer,”) in the wee hours  Saturday morning.

“Nobody knows of his whereabouts,” Kaffie posted on Twitter. “Nobody has seen him since Thursday evening.”

But even though the rumor is gaining momentum, it has not been confirmed by Mexican police, and Trevi's camp hasn't commented on it.

Kaffie claims to have received a call early Saturday morning from a source close to the Trevi’s mother, informing him the kidnapping took place in the region of Nuevo León, Mexico.

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But it's unclear who called Kaffie because he refuses to say who called him. Mexican police would not confirm or deny the rumors, according to the television show A la Vanguardia.  

Nonetheless, Trevi continued her scheduled concerts at the Banamex auditorium in Monterrey, Mexico, Vanguardia.com later reported. There are multiple YouTube videos of the performance.

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