Gloria Trevi Debuts New Music Video "Me rio de ti"

If things go her way, Gloria Trevi could be laughing all the way to the bank.

The Puelo Suelto star has released the music video to her new single, “Me rio de ti” in which she tells an old boyfriend how much better she is doing without him.

Gone are the days, when Trevi --under the sway of her Svengali husband Sergio Andrade-- spent five years behind bars in Brazil on charges of kidnapping, rape, and corruption of a minor, back in 2004.

These days, Trevi – who was rocking long, sexy blonde hair and looked amazingly fit in the video – balances being a rock star, a mother of two and wife.

“I am exhausted!!!,” Trevi tweeted. “I can balance everything, weights, interviews, rehearsals, concerts, but homework is priority!!!"

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See the pop star’s new video “Me rio de ti” below.

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