'El Brad Pitt', Obama to PR, Selena Gomez and Cesar Millan: Its The Week In Latino News

'El Brad Pitt' drug boss arrested in Mexico, President Obama visits Puerto Rico, Mormon leaders defend undocumented immigrants, a Latina Spider Girl, Geraldo on the Casey Anthony trial, the Selena Gomez junk food caper and Cesar Millan on the dog overpopulation crisis. 

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    The Week In Latino News starts off with El Brad Pitt -- a Mexican drug lord who won't be starring alongside George Clooney anytime soon after his arrest.
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    Apple pie or arroz con gandules? That's one of the jokes President Obama made as he visited Puerto Rico and gave a speech with 2012 and Latinos in mind.
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    Mormon leaders have chimed in on the issue of undocumented immigrants in the United States, saying that they should be given a path to working legally.
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    selena gomez

    Selena Gómez must have a serious sweet tooth, as she says she was hospitalized for malnutrition because of too much junk food. 
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    An Arizona superintendent says an Arizona ethnic studies course is a violation of state law because "it advocates solidarity among Latinos and resentment toward whites."
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    Cesar Millan says dog overpopulation is a burgeoning crisis.
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    Geraldo Rivera gets fiery as he details his thoughts on the Casey Anthony case and his hope that this will shine a light on similar travesties, which occur more often than people think.
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    Spider Girl is Latina and she's live-streaming chases, fighting villains and tweeting her crime-solving.
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