Salma Hayek talks plastic surgery rumors and why her marriage to a billionaire works

Salma Hayek won't let working in Hollywood dictate how she's going to live her life.

The 52-year-old actress first broke onto the movie scene 24 years ago in "Desperado," and in 2019 she looks exactly the same. She told Town & Country magazine in a recent interview that her good looks are not because of plastic surgery.

“I haven’t done an-y-thing,” she admitted. “I don’t know how to explain it.”


One might think it's because of her food choices, or because she drinks a lot of water. However, the star notes that, “sometimes I drink a lot, some days I don’t.”

Hayek keeps busy by acting, producing with her production company, Ventana­rosa, and social activism on issues such as women’s rights and domestic violence.

The Oscar-nominee also credits her success in life and her career with being a late bloomer. Hayek didn't marry until she was 39 and didn't become a mother to daughter Valentina until 41.

"I think I’m a better mother because I had her later. But I do get tired, I’m not going to lie," she admitted. As for her marriage to billionaire fashion mogul François-Henri Pinault, she called him "the best husband in the world."

"I get to be who I am with him, and I don’t feel that somebody tries to limit me," she added.

But their relationship faced questions in the beginning.

“A lot of people are very shocked that I married who I married," she explained. "And some people are even intimidated now by me."


"But it’s another way of showing racism. They can’t believe this Mexican ended up in the life that she has, and they’re uncomfortable around me," Hayek continued.

This month, Hayek proves that a Mexican woman can handle anything. In her new thriller, "The Hummingbird Project," she stars alongside Alexander Skarsgard and Jesse Eisenberg as they battle over control of a technology company.

The movie's director, Kim Nguyen, admitted the role was originally written for a man, but claims Hayek's skill as an actress made it obvious the character needed to change.