This week Ricky Martin celebrates his first Christmas with toddlers Mateo and Valentino. The Puerto Rican pop sensation was spotted at the filming of CBS’s exclusive “A Home For the Holidays-- sponsored by the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption and revealed that “adoption is my next step.”

Martin, who is the founder of a non-profit that advocates the well being of children around the globe in areas such as social justice, education and health, expressed how strongly he feels about adoption and the foundation itself.

“Adoption is beautiful,” said the 39-year-old artist in an interview with Entertainment news show Extra. “Give it a try. 25,000 children have been impacted by this project. It is incredibly effective.”

Martin also described his holiday childhood memories in Puerto Rico.

“It’s like a carnival in December,” Martin said. “We have afro music playing constantly. But now it’s not about me. It’s about my children.”

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So what is Ricky’s wish list for this Christmas?

“I just want my kids to be happy and healthy,” said Martin who’s birthday is on Christmas Eve. “It’s their holiday now.”

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