Recap: Ben breaks war veteran's heart on 'The Bachelor'

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Ben Higgins jilted Jubilee Sharpe, sending the war veteran home in tears before the rose ceremony on Monday night's episode of "The Bachelor."

In fact, the show ended without a rose ceremony at all as Ben later got involved in a dramatic cliffhanger.

After Ben found out Olivia had made fun of single mom Amanda, he halted the ceremony to investigate and the show ended with the ominous message, "to be continued."

But first, Bachelor fans saw that the episode was no celebration for Jubilee, the tough yet vulnerable army vet who had served in Afghanistan.

Monday's show began with Ben and the 11 remaining gals traveling to Mexico City for some dates.

While Emily talked about continuing on the show without her twin, Haley, who was eliminated last week, Olivia was annoyed that Ben chose Amanda for a one-on-one date.

Olivia told the cameras she was surprised because Amanda has children and "I don't think that's what Ben wants."

Ben took Amanda on a hot air balloon ride to view ancient Mexican pyramids while jealous Jubilee fumed back at the hotel.

Over dinner, Amanda told him she'd divorced her cheating husband, the father of her two kids.

Amanda said she had found a bunch of text messages from ex-girlfriends on his cell phone and from "girls he was meeting on online sites…I was so unhappy. I gave him so many chances to change things around…he just didn't want to change."

Later, Ben had a group date with nine women, including Jubilee, who didn't like the situation, especially after Olivia grabbed Ben to be her partner in a pairs cooking contest in Mexico.

Jubilee and the other women had to settle for partnering up with each other and Emily told the cameras she wanted to punch Olivia in the face for monopolizing Ben.

Emily also dished, "Her breath is horrible…her mouth smells like s--t."

Even though Jubilee won the cooking contest with her partner Lauren B., she sulked at the cocktail party as Ben romanced other women; he pulled Lauren B aside for a passionate makeout session.

Finally he asked Jubilee for some private time—but she jerked away from him.

JoJo exclaimed to the others, "She just said, 'Let's not hold hands!' "

Jubilee asked Ben, "Do you remember little old me?" and admitted she felt uncomfortable in "The Bachelor" competition.

Ben explained that he didn't feel confident in them as a couple because "I just want to grab your hand…you pull away.  How is that supposed to make me feel?"

Jubilee asked him not to give up on her, saying that she was fine when they were alone.

The army veteran wanted Ben to tell her if he still saw a future for them.

He replied, "As incredible as the moments have been with you, it would be unfair to you right now to say that, with what's happened and how things have progressed with other relationships, it would be unfair of me to tell you that I thought that something could exist."

She cried as Ben told her, "I think it's best we say goodbye. Can I walk you out?"

They hugged and Jubilee thanked him, but later, she told the cameras, "My heart hurts" and broke down in hysterical tears, moaning, "I'm like the most unlovable person in the world right now."

After Ben composed himself, he informed the others that Jubilee had intrigued him "but tonight, I had to say goodbye."

JoJo then comforted him, saying in confessional, "It's so hard [for Ben]. He's breaking somebody's heart [but] he handles it with such grace."

Still, Ben astonished them all by awarding the immunity rose to Olivia!

And soon, he was on his next one-on-one date, with Lauren H., and they strutted down the catwalk together at a Mexican fashion show.

Lauren H. told Ben her long-term boyfriend had cheated on her with three other girls, including a close friend--but she was ready to find love again.

Going into the rose ceremony, Ben promised JoJo he would never blindside her, while Lauren B. told him, "I could see like, a life with you, which is terrifying."

Meanwhile, after Amanda told the ladies about her children, Olivia snarked, "I feel like it's an episode of 'Teen Mom.'"

Amanda, who had had her kids in her 20s, let Olivia know she was offended.

Olivia promised to try harder to be nice but Emily felt her tears were "as fake as f--k."

Emily later let her own tears flow as she tattled to Ben about Olivia being disrespectful.

Also, Amanda told him privately that Olivia had targeted her.

Ben then brought the rose ceremony to a screeching halt, instead taking Olivia aside for a serious talk. The results will be revealed next week.

"The Bachelor" airs Monday on ABC.