Jane Seymour says her divorce has been hard, doubts she'll remarry

Jane Seymour is the epitome of pretty is as pretty does, parlaying her successful TV and film career into giving to others with her Open Hearts Foundation and Kay Open Hearts jewelry collection. The “Jane the Virgin” actress joined us in the FOX411 studio to talk about aging in Hollywood, her very first kiss, and why she may never marry again.

FOX411: Tell us about your first kiss.

Seymour: There was a lot of acne involved. He lived next door and he exchanged stamps with me. Believe it or not, I was a stamp collector! My love for him was such that I gave him all my exotic stamps and he gave me American stamps. It was a good kiss. I think.  I’m not sure. It didn’t last very long but he went on to be a very good astronomer.

FOX411: Comic Amy Schumer recently did a sketch called “Last F**kable Day” about actresses aging in Hollywood. Do you think Hollywood is changing its attitude toward women aging in Hollywood or do women age out after 40?

Jane Seymour: I was incredibly lucky because when I did “Dr. Quinn” I was 40 and so it was the beginning of my career. Well, I mean I had a great career before that but it was a brand new career. It didn’t really happen to me, but right now it is really hard to get good work I think. I get great work because I’m doing a lot of independent movies and things I really want to do, and of course “Jane the Virgin,” which is a hit show. I get to be current but I also get to do the material that really stretches me, like “Bereave.” I do a lot in my life apart from acting, too.

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    FOX411: You’re recently divorced, how has your healing process been?

    Seymour: It’s been really, really, really hard. It really has, but I’m incredibly hard of my family because James and I have found a way to have a new relationship, and move on so that’s what we’re doing. We’ll be at the Open Hearts Gala together. We never stopped doing that. We started the foundation together, and we look at the bigger picture. My mom always said to me, “There are always people worse off than you so however much you feel you’re hurting or going through a tough time keeping it inside yourself and holding on to it is not going to help you. If you can accept what has happened, however dire, open your heart and reach out to help someone else. You are able to heal."

    FOX411: You have an entire Kay jewelry line and foundation called Open Hearts. Is your heart open enough to get married again?

    Seymour: I don’t know if I need to get married again, but there is someone in my life right now who I’m really enjoying. No one knows who it is, just a nice, normal, lovely person that I met actually about 34 years ago. A similar thing happened to him as me and we just found each other. For right now this is very good. Timing is everything. This is a different time in my life. I’m 64. I have six children, four grandchildren, one on the way. It’s not like I’m going to start a family. I love being a grandparent.

    FOX411: Mother’s Day is coming up.What has motherhood taught you about yourself?

    Seymour: I have learned that there is no perfect mother, and if your heart is open as a mother or as a child that is the only way to have that relationship. You have to be able to let go of things. You have to realize that if you are the child or you have the child, you don’t own them. They aren’t you.

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