Go Daddy, Pepsi, Kia preview wacky Super Bowl ads

Fans of the Go Daddy Super Bowl ads featuring sexy gals in tiny bikinis may be disappointed by at least one of the company’s commercials this year.

Go Daddy is known for their risqué ads during the annual football game, but this year the web-hosting site is trying a new comedy approach with one of their spots.

WATCH: All of the 2013 Super Bowl commercials.

The ad, already posted on the official Go Daddy YouTube channel, features every day people around the world with the same idea for a website. Not one woman in the ad is dressed in a sexy outfit and the commercial lacks the over-the-top effects Go Daddy is known for.

Still, the company will have at least one of their usual sexed-up ads during the football game. Another one of their commercials, though not yet posted online, will feature Danica Patrick and Israeli supermodel Bar Refaeli.

Some other companies joined Go Daddy in sharing their ads early, including Century 21, Wheat Thins, Pepsi, Kia and Volkswagen.

VW, who stunned with their 2011 Darth-Vader-themed commercial, targeted internet lovers with their 2013 ad. The spot features recent YouTube sensations, who all garnered clicks for their online meltdowns. In the ad, the once-angry or sad YouTube folks frolic and dance –because of Volkswagen.

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