David Bowie, Beyonce both told Coldplay they hated their songs

David Bowie and Beyonce have something in common: they both turned their noses up at songs written for them by Coldplay.

Fresh off the band's Super Bowl performance, for which they were widely ridiculed for being bested by special guests Beyonce and Bruno Mars, Rolling Stone magazine released quotes from its upcoming interview with Coldplay lead singer Chris Martin.

Martin told the magazine that he played a song he had written for her called "Hook Up" in the studio, but that Beyonce turned it down "in the sweetest possible way: She told me, 'I really like you – but this is awful.'"

This echoed a story told by Coldplay drummer Will Champion about a song the band wrote with the late David Bowie in mind.

Talking about the legendary pop star after his death in January, Champion revealed that Bowie declined adding vocals to one of their songs, remarking: “It’s not a very good song, is it?”

“He was very discerning, he wouldn’t just put his name to anything," Champion said. "I’ll give him credit for that!”

At least Coldplay is used to a fair amount of condescension, despite their multi-platinum, arena rocker status.

"I had a couple of years in the mid-2000s where it was really confusing to me," Martin told Rolling Stone about the way Coldplay is often ridiculed. "I was like, 'Why is our band sometimes a punch line?'"