Atlanta Falcon's Clipped Wings

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I truly enjoyed the variety and wide swath of guests our hardworking staff corralled for the big show today.

For example: Who better to debate the way forward in Iraq than two Iraq vets with opposing views? Who better to talk about the than Judith Miller and Colonel Hunt? The answer in my mind is no one.

The toxicology report came out and this morning we talked a lot about it — the highlight perhaps being the appearance of the reporter leading the investigation for Sports Illustrated who indicated more doctors are going down for writing illegal prescriptions to wrestlers. This is a story only because Benoit murdered his family — few seem to care about all the other wrestlers who have lost their lives under similar circumstances.

Color me naïve, but I did not think that would be indicted for dog fighting and procuring and training pit bulls. If guilty, every dog owner in the world — and almost anyone with a sense of humanity — will hate this guy now. He went from being one of this nation's best athletes and feared quarterbacks to being vilified even before the trial. Look for the NFL Commissioner Goodell to suspend him this week, because he seems to be a no-nonsense guy who does not have to wait for a verdict to act. Imagine being Nike — or any Vick sponsor — and being linked to this six-year illegal ring. Do you know what authorities are claiming he did or oversaw? The indictment claims Vick would hang, drown or just slam to death any dog that could not fight. Ugly stuff.

This Vick news is the antithesis of my book and kind of the reason I wrote "" to begin with. Each day we have decided to give away a signed book, but there is a catch! You have to share with me your personal sports story that taught you character, values and ethics. Just write us at and each day check to see if your story is our story.


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