Are you ‘Wheel of Fortune’ or ‘Family Feud’ material? How to get on your favorite game show

How many times have you sat there in your living room watching your favorite game show and said aloud, or thought to yourself, “These contestants are really stupid. I am so much smarter than they are. I should be on this show, because I would win and be rich.”

If you feel like putting your inevitable game show winnings where your mouth is, you could actually try to get on your favorite TV quiz-o-rama and win the immediate respect of your family and peers, along with all that loot.

All it takes is some brains (in some cases), a little patience, and a lot of luck.

Wheel of Fortune

Vanna White (L) and host Pat Sajak.

Vanna White (L) and host Pat Sajak. (Getty)

Go to the "Wheel of Fortune" website and fill out their online form. Pat Sajak and Vanna White offer a nice little tutorial video for you, but it’s basically a three-step process:

First, fill out the form. It includes basic biographical questions, some additional questions about any Armed Services background you may have, and also asks if you are a Disney fan. (They do a lot of Disney-themed shows.)


Upload a photo of yourself, and a video telling Pat and Vanna why you would make a great contestant. The show has some helpful video tips for you, the most important being “Don’t tell us that being on Wheel is on your bucket list.” They must get that a lot.

If the powers-that-be think you might be good “Wheel” material, the “contestant department” will contact you and see if their hunch is correct. If they like you, just sit back and wait for your taping day.

The Price Is Right

"The Price Is Right" chooses its guests at random from the studio audience, which means to have a chance to get on the show, you just need to be in Los Angeles, and you need to have a ticket to the show.

Go to the “TPR” website and look at the dates available and request your ticket or tickets – all they need is your name and contact information.


If you get a ticket, show up for the taping, and cross your fingers and toes that your name gets randomly selected to “come on down!”


Getting on this show takes a bit of doing, a decent amount of smarts, and a lot of luck. First, you need to set up a My Jeopardy! Profile. After that, you will need to register for the next Jeopardy! Online test, which involves uploading a photo.

Once you are registered, you wait to find out a date for the next online test. They have several Jeopardy practice tests you can take until you get your online test date.


The online test is given just twice a year. It consists of 50 questions, and you get 15 seconds to answer each one, so it takes about 15 minutes. One big way the online test is different from the real show? You don’t have to answer in the form of a question!

You will not find out your score, ever. But if you do pass, and are then randomly selected from those who passed the test for an audition, someone from "Jeopardy!" will get in touch with you within a year (yes, a year) of your test. If you don’t hear from anyone, you can try again on the next online test date.

If you pass the audition, you then go into yet another pool and are eligible for 18 months to be called in to be on the show. You get notified about a month before the show tape date.

Family Feud

First, think carefully about whether or not your family can handle the likely embarrassment of answering the kind of questions often asked on “The Feud.”

If you are all made of hardy enough stuff, read on.


You will need five family members over the age of 15 related by blood, marriage, or adoption, willing enter the “Feud” crucible.

Then you need to make a video in which your family exhibits the ability to stand out over the other wacky clans trying to get some face time with Steve Harvey.


If they like your video, your family gets to attend a shortened version of the game show at a local tryout where you go up against another wannabe family. If “The Feud” this your family aced the tryout, the show lets you know within a month, and then you just sit tight and wait for your taping date.