8 worst 'Wheel of Fortune' fails

It's no secret people often take pleasure in other's embarrassing moments. And while it's never nice to laugh at others' misfortunes, when it comes to these "Wheel of Fortune" mess-ups, it's hard not to watch it again.

1. Geography lesson

Talk about embarrassing.

One "Wheel of Fortune" contestant clearly needs a geography lesson.

David and Keri were lucky winners of a vacation to Venice during Wednesday night's prize puzzle round but David was let down to learn he was not going to France.

"Let's check your geography knowledge, what country do you think we're sending you to?" host Pat Sajak asked.

"Paris," David answered to a giggling audience. "France," he quickly added.

"Do we still get it?" his wife Keri asked of their vacation to Venice, Italy.

Watch what happened in the video below.

2. Magic

During one of the easiest bonus rounds we've seen on "Wheel," this contestant went through the entire alphabet and still managed to miss the one consonant he needed. Really?

3. 4 strikes, you're out!

It's just not his lucky day. Not only did this contestant strike out four times, he lost each time to the same competitor.

4. 'Boozing' guess

It seems one “Wheel of Fortune” contestant had margaritas on her mind when she tried to solve a puzzle on the game show.

Rachel was very close to correctly solving a puzzle under the “What Are You Doing Category?” but in a cringe-worthy moment, she confidently suggested “Boozing” was the missing word in the puzzle.

The next contestant solved the word game correctly and won a cruise. Doh. Check out the video below to see Rachel’s big-mistake.

5. Self what?

Say what? With only five letters left, this contestant's mind went completely blank on what should have been an easy win. Her guess didn't even fit with what was on the board.

6. Cash course

Natasha Holly of Florida needs a Cash course. With $9,800 on the line, she missed out on the title of one of Johnny Cash's most famous songs.

7. Super fail

Jerry Seinfeld would be ashamed. These contestants confused the comedian's favorite superhero with another Marvel favorite. There goes their chance at $8,800.

8. Worst winner ever?

After this mistake, Julian Batts of Indiana University might be the worst "Wheel of Fortune" winner ever. The college student is a Hudson and Holland Scholar, a Herbert Presidential Scholar and a Hutton Honors College student from Indianapolis, yet he still managed to mispronounce one of the most famous Greek mythology characters.

However, he walked away with $11,700 and advanced to the final round.

"I don't think anyone has ever taken a more circuitous route to victory," host Pat Sajack said.