A contestant on “The Price is Right” on Wednesday’s episode was apparently so excited that when she jumped to hug the show’s host, Drew Carey, she fell with him, nearly knocking him off the stage.

The contestant, Sona, embraced the host after she correctly guessed the price of a treadmill, Yahoo Entertainment reported.

Sona ran onto the stage and jumps into Carey’s arms. They both lose balance and fall to the ground. Carey was near a portion of the stage that ends, and nearly fell off. A crewmember could be seen getting prepared to catch the host.

They both got back up and appeared to be in good spirits.

Carey took the incident lightheartedly and laughed it off.

“I’m fine. I’m fine,” Carey said, smiling.

Carey said it was the first time in 10 years something like that has happened. After Carey composed himself, he continued the program.

He told the announcer to say the prize and the announcer, without missing a beat, said, “Sona, do not break the host or the set. And then I will say, how’d you like a brand new car!”

Sona didn’t end up winning the car, but she did leave home with $3,000, for which she was still jumping, cheering and waving to the audience.

“Sona, congratulations!” Carey said.