American Idol: Jessica Sanchez Safe, Jeremy Rosado Out

His big heart wasn’t sweet enough to keep him on American Idol this time around, as Jeremy Rosado saw himself in the bottom two again Thursday night, and was sent home packing.

With her voice nearly cracking, Jennifer Lopez was forced to deliver the bad news to her “Jer-bear” that he would not be saved again after America voted him gone the previous evening.

Instead, the judges saved the raspy-voiced Elise Testone.

American Idol Best Latino Moments

Rosado, 19, performed a rendition of Stevie Wonder’s “Ribbon in the Sky” on Wednesday. Lopez said that it was really beautiful and rock star Steven Tyler agreed saying he liked Rosado’s “velvety voice.” But music producers Randy Jackson and Jimmy Lovine had different thoughts.

“It didn’t work at all,” said Jackson.

Lovine, who feared that Rosado’s nerves would take over, saw his biggest fears come true.

As for fellow Latina Jessica Sanchez, America voted her to the next Live Shows round almost instantly.

American Idol’s Pia Toscano Sexy Style

Lovine hopes that Sanchez stays humble throughout the competition.

"[Sanchez’s was] probably the best performance on American Idol ever!” Lovine said. “My concern for her is that she believes the applauds too soon and gets over confident."

Jeremy Rosado Wild Card Save By JLO

Other highlights included JLO opening up about Latinos as “American Idol” host Ryan Seacrest congratulated the success of her latest show “Q’ Viva.

“It’s all Latinos across South America,” said Lopez as the audience went wild. “I get a joy from doing it… it’s exciting.”

Former American Idol alum Lauren Alaina stopped by looking sexier, thinner and with undeniable swag, as she performed her latest single “Georgia Peaches.”

Hip hop singer Mary J. Blige also took the stage after mentoring the Top 13 and performed her latest single “Why.”

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