Pence vows US will ask WHO 'tough questions' on being 'so wrong' on coronavirus

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Pence vows US will ask WHO 'tough questions' over how 'they could have been so wrong' about coronavirus
Vice President Mike Pence told "Hannity" Wednesday night that the U.S. will ask "tough questions" of the World Health Organization (WHO) over its handling of the coronavirus pandemic after the global health agency's director warned President Trump and other world leaders against "politicizing" the outbreak.

"This is a president who believes in accountability, and the American taxpayers provide tens of millions of dollars to the World Health Organization," Pence said. "And as the president said yesterday, I suspect we will continue to do that, but that doesn't mean that at the right time in the future we aren't going to ask the tough questions about how the World Health Organization could have been so wrong.” Click here for more on our top story

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New CDC guidance says some essential workers exposed to coronavirus can return to work
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced new coronavirus guidance Wednesday saying some essential workers who have been exposed to COVID-19 but are not showing symptoms can return to work.

Each worker would need to take his or her temperature twice a day for signs of a fever and wear a face mask at work and out in public to prevent the spread of the virus, Dr. Robert Redfield, director of the CDC, said at Wednesday's White House coronavirus briefing.

Redfield said the guidance was an effort to "really begin to get these critical workers back into the workforce so that we won't have worker shortage in these critical industries," including first responders, health care workers, food supply workers and more.

The CDC's announcement came after the number of coronavirus cases in the U.S. surpassed the 400,000 mark Wednesday. Click here for more.

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Biden, at virtual event as presumptive nominee, suggests Kamala Harris will play a big role in his campaign
At a virtual town hall Wednesday, just hours after Bernie Sanders dropped out of the presidential race, Joe Biden assumed the mantle of his party's presumptive nominee -- and, at a separate virtual fundraiser, the former vice president suggested that one-time rival Kamala Harris may play a big role in his campaign going forward.

Streaming live to some 1,621 viewers on YouTube, Biden praised Sanders during the town hall for being a persistent and "passionate voice for progress," and also lauded the independent U.S. senator from Vermont for "energizing millions of supporters."

At a virtual fundraiser earlier in the day, Harris appeared on video from Washington and blasted President Trump as a “complete failure” and asserted Biden would be the right president at a time when people “need to have hope ... need to have faith.” (Just last year, when Harris was still a presidential candidate, she publicly accused Biden at a presidential debate of supporting what she suggested were racist school busing policies.)

Biden responded in kind, praising Harris for running a “helluva race” and reminding attendees that “we go back a long way,” a reference to Harris’ friendship with Biden’s late son, Beau. (Harris was California’s attorney general at the same time Beau Biden held the post in Delaware.)

Seemingly teasing the running mate chatter, Biden added: “I’m so lucky to have you be a part of this partnership going forward. Working together, we can make a great deal of progress. ... I’m coming for you, kid.” Click here for more.

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