Melissa Francis volunteers to 'lead the charge' to receive coronavirus antibody test

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Melissa Francis, "Outnumbered" co-host and the host of Fox Business Network's "After The Bell," told "Hannity" Wednesday she wanted to "lead the charge" against coronavirus by donating her blood for an antibody test in an effort to reopen the country's economy.

"It has to start with those tests and it has to start with volunteers like myself, people that are willing to get out there and take that antibody test," Francis told host Sean Hannity. "My husband was diagnosed positive two weeks ago. I've had no symptoms. I don't feel like I've had it. I'm a perfect candidate to go in there [and] have the antibody test.


"I would like to do that, Sean," Francis added. "I would like to donate my plasma and then I would like to go and lead the charge back to our headquarters where our brave skeleton crew has been ... keeping the lights on."

"We need to reopen the economy," Francis added, "but we have to do it safely and we can only do that with confidence. And that involves ... that antibody test."

Francis said mass testing is essential in giving the American public the ability to return to some semblance of normalcy.


"People aren't going to go back to the stores because small businesspeople out there know the government is doing the best they can to help," Francis said. "I mean, you really can't fix this until people get out there and you can't do that until we have confidence."

"I want to go back to the barber or to the hair salon. To the restaurant, to the bar on the corner, let me tell you ... " Francis joked. "I want to do all of these things, but I want to do it safely. And I want to raise my hand ... I want to be part of that charge."