Oklahoma man claims to be time-traveling food bandit

In the future, everyone will get food by manhandling restaurant managers and then stealing a handful of chicken and bacon.

So said an Oklahoma City man, 36-year-old Dante Rashad Anderson, who told police when he was arrested Friday for robbery that he comes from a time four years into the future, FOX25 reported.

“I am from planet Earth 2016 and am four years advanced on you, and you guys are always trying (to) kill me,” Anderson is quoted as saying in a police report viewed by KOCO. “On my planet Earth, everyone is dead and I walked here from there.”

Oklahoma City Police Sgt. Gary Knight told FOX25 Anderson explained to investigators that, in the future, his method of taking food was how everyone would eat.

“He was possibly under the influence of some sort of narcotic or intoxicant or suffering from some type of break with reality,” Knight said.

After being ejected from a Carl’s Jr. restaurant on Friday morning for loudly demanding food, Anderson allegedly walked across the street to an Arby’s, jumped on the counter and grabbed the manager. After forcing the manager against a wall, Anderson was accused of grabbing some bacon and chicken and walking out of the business – breaking a glass door in the process.

Witnesses told police that as Anderson walked back across the road, he chomped on bacon and kicked and damaged several cars.

“He jumped up like he was Chuck Norris and just kicked the crap out of my car,” Patricia Beedle told FOX25. “I mean, he kicked it so hard you could just feel the momentum of him kicking it.”

No word on whether Anderson revealed who wins November’s presidential election.

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