Arizona killer's ex-wife says family is 'grateful to be alive' after murder spree

Connie Jones, the ex-wife of suspected mass murderer Dwight Jones, said Tuesday afternoon that because of her ex, she's been scared for the past nine years of her life.

"We know we were the primary targets of Dwight Jones and we are grateful to be alive," Connie told reporters in Flagstaff, Arizona, according to


Her ex-husband, Dwight, is linked to six different murders in the Phoenix, Scottsdale and Fountain Hills areas over the course of five days. Police said he killed himself on June 4 in a hotel room as officers closed in on him.

Connie, who was married to Dwight for over 20 years and filed for divorce in 2009, said she's lived "on high alert for nine years" and felt she had her own "personal terrorist."

Following news of Dwight's alleged killing spree, Connie said in a statement she was "deeply saddened by the tragedy caused by my ex-husband," who she described as a "very emotionally disturbed person."

Connie's current husband Richard Anglin, a former police detective, was the one who contacted police in the aftermath of the murders. At the news conference Tuesday, Anglin said the family took elaborate security measures to protect Connie and her son from her ex-husband.

"We had three safe houses, countless rental cars. We had attack-trained dogs that we had to bring in, 24-hour security," Anglin said. "Dwight Jones repeatedly tried to get through our security, but he was never able to gain access to the family. But it wasn't because he didn't try."

Dwight Jones's victims included a forensic psychiatrist who had testified against him in court, two paralegals who worked at a law firm that practices divorce, and a divorce counselor. Two other victims were a man and a woman in Fountain Hills.