Chef Gordon Ramsay teaches Bradley Cooper how to cook

Bad boy British chef Gordon Ramsay is apparently going to teach Hollywood A-lister Bradley Cooper how to cook like a professional chef--or at least look like one.

The Sun newspaper reports that Ramsay has signed on to consult for a project called "The Chef" where "The Hangover" star will play drug-addict restaurant owner that has Michelin aspirations.

"Gordon's going to be giving Bradley a crash-course in cookery and teaching him some flash tricks like knife-work so Bradley looks like an experienced chef," a source told the Sun.

Chefs commonly are asked to consult on movies and TV shows with food-related topics or scenes.

Thomas Keller, owner of French Laundry consulted with Pixar on "Ratatouille."  Chef Jose Andres is currently working with Bryan Fuller, the creator of the TV version of "Hanibal," where actor Mads Mikkelson, aka  Dr. Lecter, cooks up human flesh like a gourmand. Also "Top Chef" Lee Anne Wong was a consultant for the 2007 "No Reservations."

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Besides a few knife tricks, it's safe to assume that Ramsay will give Cooper some pointers how to dominate a kitchen.  Bradley plays Parisian chef Adam Jones who overcomes a drug addiction to open a fine dining restaurant.