Forget the recent Guinness Book of World Records holder for world's most expensive burger: New York's Serendipity's Japanese Waygu beef burger topped with black truffles, a fried quail egg, and creme fraiche, for $295.

The burger that's setting up to be the world's most expensive burger is a meat patty made up of cultured meat strips created in a lab.

Dutch scientist Mark Post's long await test-tube burger will be unveiled next month at an event in London.  It costs $325,000, and according to the New York Times, tastes "reasonably good."

The burger is slightly bigger than a McDonalds Quarter Pounder, and according to Post, will only be flavored by adding some salt and pepper.

You'll be out of luck if you want a sample, as the taster will be chosen by the project's main investor.

Post is creating the burger with material -- including from a fetal calf serum--that will eventually be replaced by materials not originating from animals, the Times reported. The burger is part of pioneering research funded by the Dutch government to create meat that is kinder to the environment and aims to reduce the need to raise livestock - but will people want to eat it?

“That would be a really hard sell in this country; especially where people are schooled and educated about where their meat is coming from,” Linda Smith, general manager of the Philadelphia-based meat purveyor Esposito's Meats, told FoxNews.com last year.