Wrestler Chris Jericho gets Twitter heat for interviewing Donald Trump Jr.

Some professional wrestling fans voiced their dissatisfaction with All Elite Wrestling (AEW) champion Chris Jericho on Twitter Wednesday after President Trump’s son, Donald Trump Jr., tweeted a photo with “Le Champion” and revealed that he recorded an interview for the wrestler's popular Westwood One podcast “Talk Is Jericho.”

“Had a great time today chatting about my new book #Triggered on #TalkIsJericho with #LeChampion @IAmJericho,” Trump tweeted. “We had an awesome conversation and he's a really cool dude. The podcast drops later this week and you won’t want to miss it!!!”

Jericho, a former WWE Superstar, has reinvented himself in the upstart AEW, which airs on TNT, with an updated “heel” persona garnering praise from fans.


However, his interview with Trump Jr., who is perceived as a “heel” by his critics and political foes of his father, had some on Twitter sharing their displeasure that Jericho would even bother to interview a member of the first family.

"Thought you had principles man," Matt Leachman tweeted. "Sad to see you sell out."

Eric Denton tweeted that he was "shattered" Jericho interviewed Trump Jr. prompting Jericho to respond to the fan with, "Come down, I’m non-partisan."

“Just lost a ton of respect for @IAmJericho which really sucks,” Ian Malcolm tweeted.

“Gimme a break. #lightenup,” Jericho tweeted in response.

Former WWE wrestler Lance Storm defended his former tag team partner.

"How dare you have a very famous controversial guest," Storm tweeted. "Isn’t that the point of a podcast?"

Other fans pointed out Jericho was not making a political endorsement and some brushed off the Twitter outrage.

Jericho's podcast has featured many interviews with celebrities from the world of professional wrestling, music, and entertainment including fellow wrestling legend Mick Foley, comedian Gabriel Iglesias, and KISS' Paul Stanley.


Jericho isn't the first celebrity this week to face some blowback after engaging with a Trump.

Washington Nationals catcher Kurt Suzuki wore a "Make America Great Again" hat and thanked the president on Monday at the White House which prompted the president to hug him. UFC fighter Jorge Masvidal said he was "honored" to fight in front of Trump Saturday night in New York City