Which Action Star Is Furthest Over the Hill?

At age 64, Sylvester Stallone returns to the big screen next Friday with "The Expendables," a (surprise!) testosterone-infused action flick meant to appeal to popcorn-munching August crowds looking for a couple of hours of free air conditioning.

Unfortunately, according to cinemablend.com, "The Expendables... is a bloated mess, a bunch of guys past their prime punching and kicking each other and pretending it's for our benefit, when it's really just one last self- congratulatory hurrah."

SODAHEAD SLIDESHOW: Who is the most over-the-hill action star?

Uh oh.

Stallone is joined by Bruce Willis, 55, and Arnold Schwarzenegger, 63, making these guys the oldest group of action stars this side of Harrison Ford (who is currently preparing to helm next year's Steven Spielberg-produced "Cowboys & Aliens" at age 68).

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But do these guys still have what it takes to sell tickets?

Cinemablend.com isn't convinced.

"You've got no reason beyond nostalgia to care about this group of self-satisfied roughnecks and their desire to track down a criminal," reads the site's review.

So is it time for Stallone to hang it up? Do you want to see Bruce Willis in a few more shoot-'em'-ups before he checks into the nursing home?