Action-Legend Sylvester Stallone Speaks Out Against 'Insidious' Violence in Films

While the name Sylvester Stallone is synonymous with hard-core action movies that are saturated with weapons, explosions and injuries, it turns out the 64-year-old "Rocky" icon has a big problem with the way violence is portrayed in so many movies today.

"If you're going to do violence and make it heroic, okay," Stallone told Pop Tarts before being the first-ever star to be inducted into IGN's Action Hero Hall of Fame at the Hard Rock Hotel during the Comic Con Convention in San Diego last week. "But if it is insidious like a serial killer? Not good."

But fans need not worry that his upcoming blockbuster "The Expendables" will be bereft of guns and gore. In fact, the action was so intense that some of its toughest stars underestimated just how much danger they would face while filming.

"I almost got blown to bits in one sequence. I was running from a string of bombs, but one of the chargers was accidentally set off when I stepped on it," former wrestler Steve "Stone Cold" Austin said. "I didn't fall down because I thought I would be blown to bits."

Although Austin's heart was pounding, apparently his boss was less-than moved by the near-death experience.

"I went over to where Sly was standing. I had almost lost my life and he said (in gruff voice) 'Oh, good take,'" Austin added in disbelief.

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But to Stallone, getting roughed up is merely part of the job.

"We had about 14 big ones (injuries on set) - for real," Stallone said proudly. "It's a man's man movie. This is a big time pay back, and we have a military vet in it with Randy (Couture) so I think it’s really going to resonate."

As for Couture, he admitted to us that his days in the ring are coming to a close as he prepares himself for a full-time career in front of the lens - although there is one man he is yet to defeat.

"I'd like to have five minutes with Osama Bin Laden that's for sure," he added. "Every time I go through an airport now I have to put up with that mess, and it’s pretty infuriating."