Selena Gomez: I had a 'mini breakdown' filming racy 'Spring Breakers'

Selena Gomez says the strain of being in the limelight during the making of Spring Breakers caused her to have a breakdown.

The clean-cut actress claims the attention brought about by her donning a bikini on set and the constant party scenes ended up as a stressful ordeal.

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And the 20-year-old Disney star - whose character is called Faith - admitted being ogled by admirers whilst wearing her skimpy outfits could be intimidating at times.

She said: "There was too much attention - photographers, hundreds of fans, and all of us in bikinis in the pool.

"I had a mini breakdown on set. I got overwhelmed doing some of the things we were doing and having such an active audience at all times, even though I knew at heart we were super safe."

Fortunately for movie-goers, Selena felt able to continue filming after an emotional heart-to-heart with the director's wife, Rachel Korine who starred alongside the actress in the flick about four tearaway teens who gets on the wrong side of the law during a riotous break away from college.

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