Sean Lowe discusses being labeled the 'Virgin Bachelor'

Millions watched as Emily Maynard dumped Sean Lowe on "The Bachelorette" and then as he became the next Bachelor. The Texas-born insurance salesman quickly became a fan favorite because of his religious beliefs and refusal to have pre-marital sex. Eventually the 31 year old proposed to contestant Catherine Giudici. The pair just celebrated their one year anniversary. In "For The Right Reasons" Lowe reveals lots of juicy behind the scenes "Bachelor" tidbits. He talked about his book with FOX411.

FOX411: You write that you got annoyed when people talked about your virginity but you understand why, right?
Sean Lowe: Oh I fully understand why. The mainstream media see it as this really weird thing. They look at me and go, “Well he looks normal, he looks like he's got everything together. He's a good looking guy. He's got 25 women vying for him, why in the world would he be making that decision?” So I totally get it but now hopefully people will understand why I took that stance. I took it because I felt I was morally obligated to because that's what my faith was telling me to do. It gets kind of annoying because people don't want to see your perspective they just want to label you as the virgin bachelor.

FOX411: You made a really interesting point. If you had been sleeping with the girls it wouldn't have been considered weird.
Lowe: Yeah. That's also kind of a blessing for me because it did create a lot of buzz and a lot of attention because I conducted myself differently from other bachelors that came before me but I think I earned the respect of a lot of people. I still today get so many people come up to me and say, “I've only watched your season,” or “I allowed my children to watch your season and we appreciate you for standing up for what you believe in.” That means the world to me and I'm glad I was able to differentiate myself from everybody else.

FOX411: You read a devotional every morning while filming.
Lowe: Doing those kinds of things like reading the Bible, it just helps keep me grounded. When you're on "The Bachelor" it's such a crazy, whirlwind experience. It was just my belief that I needed to ground myself each and every morning so that's what I tried to do. Every morning I still wake up and do it. It's just a part of my life and my routine. It was before the show and it has been after the show.

FOX411: You became born again when you were a teen but admit it didn't really take.
Lowe: I made the decision as a young kid that I was going to be a Christian but it didn't really dawn on me till I was in my early 20s that I was going to have to take ownership of my faith. That being a Christian doesn't just mean showing up for church with your parents. It actually means living that out. It took me a while. I just reached a point in my life where I thought I'm not doing this thing right and I'm truly not putting God first.

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    FOX411: You checked with Catherine before you proposed if she believed in God.
    Lowe: I gave her a list of my non-negotiables and one of those things was I said that I had to have a wife who would challenge me in my own faith and she said that she could do that.

    FOX411: You say it's possible to fall in love on these shows.
    Lowe: I think it's easy to fall in love. I think the hard part is being in love and that's been challenging for us as it is any couple. Just the things couples have to go through like coexist, cohabitate, that's the really tough part.

    FOX411: Did you fall in love with two girls at the same time?
    Lowe: No, I really just fell in love with Catherine. I had very strong feelings of love, which is very confusing in "The Bachelor" world, for others, but really I knew Catherine was the one I could see myself spending the rest of my life with.

    FOX411: Why do you think you became so popular?
    Lowe: I gather a lot of people latched onto me because I was the all-American good guy and of course that's not what the show is used to having as a bachelor. I think they really gambled on me. I think they rolled the dice. I think they thought, “We've never quite had a bachelor like him with the moral convictions that Sean has but let's give it a try.” Luckily it paid off for everybody.

    FOX411: Do you feel like God put you on the show to spread His message?
    Lowe: Absolutely. I feel like God's truth is magnetic and it pulls people in. Just the wholesomeness and the truth just attracts people and I think it did that on my season I'm happy to say.

    FOX411: Why did you write this book?
    Lowe: I thought I had a story that can resonate with everybody, not just "Bachelor" fans but people of all ages, male and female. I think people can read my story and say, “Maybe I can stand up for what I believe in whatever I'm doing.” So far I've gotten a lot of great feedback. I'm really happy with it.