Funnyman Gabriel Iglesias keeps weight down while on the road in 'Fluffy Breaks Even'

Stand-up comedian Gabriel “Fluffy” Iglesias has lost a little over 100 pounds and he is adamant that he will not gain it back while touring the country.

He is doing it the old torturous way – dieting and working out between shows throughout the week – and a few months back he had an idea: let's bring in cameras and show the world the high cost of celebrity maintenance.

“Now we have magic,” Iglesias, 39, told Fox News Latino recently about his new show “Fluffy Breaks Even,” premiering Thursday night.

Take “Man vs. Food,” add “Biggest Loser,” stir, and you will get a general idea of what the new Fuse TV show entails.

“When we go out to eat, I’ve got to be accountable for it,” he said. “We want to enjoy the good life, but at the same time, I don’t want to gain all that weight back. Hence the ‘Fluffy Breaks Even’ – what comes up must come down. We go out to eat, but the next day, I’ve got to burn it off.”

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Iglesias is joined on the road by his comedian buddies Martin Moreno and Rick Gutierrez. They don’t try to make themselves explode with the amount of food they eat, but really try to get a feel for the local cuisine from every place they visit.

“We check with the fans, I let fans know on Twitter whatever town we’re in … and I say ‘Can you suggest a place we can go eat?’” he said. “If I see the same name of the restaurant enough times in the feed, that’s where we go.”

He says the working out part of the show – which has included pole dancing – “sucks,” but that is when they learn something about the entire process.

“That’s where the frustration comes in … [we’re like] ‘You know, the meal last night was really, really good, but did we really need eat the whole thing?’” Iglesias added. “And we are on the third or fourth set of running bleachers or doing some type of crazy exercise, it’s when we reflect on it and I think that’s what people are going to see – that these guys are doing things they probably didn’t have to do if they had just taken it easy on their meal.”

As for his favorite meal, Iglesias said that anything with cheese will hit the spot.

“I am all about the enchiladas, quesadillas, chilaquiles with cheese, you name it. I’m all about the queso,” he said.

“Fluffy Breaks Even” premieres tonight on Fuse TV at 10 p.m.

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