Erykah Badu concert in Malaysia canceled over her 'Allah' tattoo, report says

A publicity photo of Erykah Badu has gotten the singer, and the newspaper that published it, in trouble in Malaysia.

Badu had her concert canceled by the Kuala Lumpur's Culture, Arts and Heritage Ministry when a photo showing a tattoo of the Aarabic word "Allah" written on Badu's upper body was published in the Malaysian newspaper The Star, BBC News reports.

A Malaysian official reportedly called the photo "an insult to Islam."

The Star has already issued an apology, BBC News reports, calling the publication of the photo "inadvertent."

"We deeply regret any offence caused to Muslims and sincerely apologize for the oversight," the paper said on Tuesday.

Badu, already in Kuala Lumpur for the concert, is reportedly "worried and dismayed."

Tattoos are a no-no in Islam, as is using the word "Allah" in any way deemed disrespectful. Malaysia is predominantly Muslim.

There were already protesters outside The Star offices when the paper issued its apology, BBC News reports.