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  1. Take Me to Your Leader

    United Nations to appoint Earth's first ambassador to reach out to aliens

  2. How Can U.S. Navy Help in Japan ?

    KT McFarland weighs in on role of America's large naval presence in Japan

  3. Hourly Update

    Get hourly updated headlines from FOX News Channel

  4. 'FOX News Flash: FOX & Friends Edition

    First public flight of futuristic jet pack

  5. Is Ground Zero Mosque Imam Moderate?

    Laura Ingraham debates CAIR director over Feisal Abdul Rauf

  6. Debate Over Christmas Day Bomb Attempt

    Does White House have a 'blind spot' on terror as one GOP senator claims?

  7. U.S., China at Odds

    Secretary of State Clinton calls on China to expand its cooperation with U.S.

  8. Travel Tips

    Samantha Brown chats about her career and travel tips

  1. Mosque Debate Shines Spotlight on Sharia Law

    Closer look sacred law advocated by imam behind Ground Zero Islamic center

  2. 'It's Embarrassing'

    Obama bothered that many Americans can't speak other languages

  3. Appeasing Iran?

    Author Mike Evan tries to convince Alan that it is a mistake for the U.S. to talk with Iran's top nuclear official

  4. Short and Long-term Economic Impact on Japan

    What can Japanese markets expect after country's catastrophic events?

  5. The Filipino Melting Pot

    Food 101: Diane Macedo explores the many influences and unique ingredients of Filipino cuisine

  6. Fox Car Report LIVE! 10/07/10

    FCR LIVE! takes a $12,000 electric bike for a spin and checks out the hottest new models at the 2010 Paris Auto Show

  7. Is Discovering Alien Life Inevitable?

    Former Air Force officers believe extraterrestrial beings are interested in the nuclear arms race, may be sending humans a message