Elvis' granddaughter Riley Keough talks risque new role

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Riley Keough, actress and granddaughter of Elvis and Priscilla Presley, is taking Hollywood by storm. Starring in "Magic Mike" and "Mad Max: Fury Road," the 26-year-old starlet takes on the role of a young escort in Starz's "The Girlfriend Experience."

Keough opened up about her risqué character and experience on the show at the Television Critics Association winter press tour.

"It's not something you see as a lead character on a TV show," she shared. "I wouldn't say she's extremely likable or morally correct. She's very controlling, manipulative and kind of selfish and likes sex. It's kind of a character you see more for a man, and it kind of drew me to the show."

Keough revealed the number one obstacle she had to overcome as she played a character law school student turned escort.

"I would say something I had to overcome was being able to have sex with no emotional connection and I sort of started to understand that the more sex scenes I did," she explained. "Which was interesting how it could be just a sort of physical thing, because that's not what it is for me."

And Keough admitted that she feels uncomfortable to have the men in her family watch this new show.

"I don't really want to show men in my family the show to be honest," she revealed. "My mother (Lisa Marie Presley) has seen the show. She likes it. She's pretty progressive. She understands art."

"The Girlfriend Experience" is a 13 episode series for Starz and is based on the 2009 film directed by Steven Soderbergh. The show premieres April 10th on Starz.